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The Atlanta Opera presents Puccini’s La Boheme

The Atlanta Opera opened its 2015-16 season with warmly received, though uneven, performances of Puccini’s eternal masterpiece La Boheme. The new production, the brainchild of General and Artistic Director Tomer Zvulun, promised to once again (his words) reimagine the work for the benefit of today’s audience, a most suspect practice that tends to elicit a great deal of scrutiny from your friends at newoutpost. In order to achieve this, among other things, we are told that the opera’s time period has been updated to the 1890’s, likely for the dazzling costume and stylistic opportunities afforded by the Belle Epoque (which costumer designer Martin Pakledinaz fully exploited). In truth, we are happy to report this as one of Mr. Zvulun’s better efforts, displaying less of the self-serving, intrusive devices (mostly in the form of projections) that have plagued his prior productions, and relegating them to the natural enhancement of the scenic tableau. The slowly rolling clouds above the garret, or the carefully realized terminus leading to the gates of Paris added to the beauty of the proceedings without ever distracting from Puccini’s musical designs. Recalling the excesses from last season’s Madama Butterfly, this was quite the welcomed change.


Cafe Momus memoires: Top row: Gianluca Terranova (Rodolfo), Maria Luigia Borsi (Mimi), Nicholas Brownlee (Colline), Trevor Scheunemann (Marcello), Leah Partridge (Musetta). Bottom row: Theo Hoffman (Schaunard). Photo by Jeff Roffman for The Atlanta Opera.Photo by Jeff Roffman for The Atlanta Opera

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